Holistic Maternity Care 


Regardless of where a mother plans to give birth, she can enjoy the benefits of personalized prenatal and postpartum care.  As a licensed midwife, I provide comprehensive, personalized, and holistic prenatal care.  At Valley Oak Maternity Care you will receive focused attention, and your appointments will not be rushed. We focus on your individual needs and on preparing you for your birth.  Also, there is never a wait! I offer two types of maternity care: Prenatal Care Only, and Home Birth Services.


Prenatal Care Only

Your Prenatal Care includes but is not limited to:

  • Regular prenatal office visits

  • Education on topics such as fetal development, tests offered, nutrition, breastfeeding, and more

  • Any lab tests that may be necessary

  • Referral for ultrasound as needed or desired

  • Monitoring fetal growth and well-being

  • Monitoring Mom's well-being

  • Preparation for birth and postpartum time

  • Postpartum care includes in-home care for mother and baby following the birth/arrival home (optional)

Home Birth Services/Comprehensive Maternity Care

Birthing at home can be a great option for many moms! Care includes comprehensive prenatal care (see above) as well as in-home labor & delivery, and postpartum care for mom and baby through 6 weeks postpartum. Ideally, home birth clients begin care with me in their first trimester.  


Prenatal Care Only: I have on-going openings.

Home Birth Services: I am taking home birth clients with these due dates in 2021:

    April - any due date

    May - any due date

    June - June 1 thru June 10 due date

    July - July 15 thru July 31 due date


Most PPO insurances and Health Shares accepted (billed as out-of-network). I am a preferred provider with Liberty Health Share.  Medicaid, Medi-Cal, and Tricare are not accepted.  Cash pay discounts are available.  Client is responsible for any fees not covered by insurance.

You deserve great maternity care.  Contact us to learn more about our services!



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