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Lactation Services


Need breastfeeding help?  Timely assistance and information can make a big difference. Some reasons moms seek help include:

  • Sore nipples/breast pain

  • Latch difficulties

  • Supply concerns

  • Weight gain concerns

  • Nursing twins

  • Health complications that may impact breastfeeding

  • Mom has concerns/questions

Lactation consultations are conducted in-office or in-home*.  This meeting is tailored to your needs and includes the following: 

  • A review of your history

  • In-depth discussion of current concerns 

  • Baby weight check if needed 

  • Assessment of baby and breasts as needed

  • Assessment of a nursing session

  • Care plan

  • Referrals and/or educational materials as needed

  • Detailed report of visit faxed to your pediatrician or other physician as needed

  • Education on technique(s) as needed   

  • Short-term or disposable supplies/equipment if recommended to help with specific issues  (provided at no additional expense)

*Phone/Skype consultations are available upon request.


I offer phone support (by same-day appointment if needed), or email support (through our patient portal) for the 4 weeks following your initial visit.

Insurances are not accepted. However we offer a sliding scale. Fees (sliding scale $75-$150) are due at the time of appointment.


Depending on your unique situation, one or more follow-up in-home visits may be recommended.

All services are for members only.

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