Lactation Services


Need breastfeeding help?  Timely assistance and information can make a big difference. Some reasons moms seek help include:

  • Sore nipples/breast pain

  • Latch difficulties

  • Supply concerns

  • Weight gain concerns

  • Nursing twins

  • Health complications that may impact breastfeeding

  • Mom has concerns/questions

Lactation consultations are conducted in-office or in-home.  This meeting is tailored to your needs and includes the following: 

  • A review of your history

  • In-depth discussion of current concerns 

  • Baby weight check if needed 

  • Assessment of baby and breasts as needed

  • Assessment of a nursing session

  • Care plan

  • Referrals and/or educational materials as needed

  • Detailed report of visit faxed to your pediatrician or other physician as needed

  • Education on technique(s) as needed   

  • Short-term or disposable supplies/equipment if recommended to help with specific issues  (provided at no additional expense) 

  • I offer phone support (by same-day appointment if needed), or email support (through our patient portal) for the 4 weeks following your initial visit.

  • Fees for lactation consultation: $175 initial visit, $95 follow-up visit, $45 phone/Skype consultation.

  • A superbill receipt will be provided at each visit.  This can be used by those who plan to seek reimbursement from their insurance.


Depending on your unique situation, one or more follow-up in-home visits may be recommended.

Phone/Skype Initial Consultations are available, with limited scope, for those requesting this.  

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